You sell

You want to sell your property, optimize it (enlarge, renovate or build on your land ...)

You have a building, rental or commercial one, or a hotel for sale, do not hesitate to contact us because we also collaborate with private investors or Swiss and foreign real estate funds in search of acquisitions of this type of property.

The sale of your property

Our optimal estimation of your property thanks to:

  • A free estimate of the market value of your property and also based on the current banking criteria
  • Our personalized advices, highlight of your property by an advertisement clear, attractive and targeted on the most reputable Swiss and international websites, in the press and with our private customers network
  • A personal, dynamic and respectful follow-up, guaranteed until the sales’s finalization of both, you as the owner, and the purchaser of your property (assistance for their financing plan until signing at the notary)

Sell ​​faster or if your property is already on the market for too long to your taste ..., enjoy our services «more» : home staging, "before-after" relooking file, energies of places(geobiology and feng-shui) and personal stress. These services are free, except those whose price is indicated:

  • home staging and interior design tips, with highlighting spaces playing with brightness and furniture so as to make the property more pleasant and especially more neutral with the objective of depersonalize the property to encourage future buyers to project themselves much easier in places
  • refresh or renovation tips if necessary
  • set-up of a "special before-after" relooking internet file, virtual home-staging, for a more modern visualization of your property if you have not really brought it up to date (Fr.s. 380.-, amount you will advance and which we will refund you in case of sale of your property by our agency)
  • advice on the energy level of your place of residence or personal stress level due to the context of the sale (divorce, grief, inheritance or heirs’ inheritance…) and when the sale is blocked for too long, feng shui, geobiology and bioresonance.

You have a property to optimize or a building plot?

Optimize your current property, relooking, renovate, enlarge or demolish to rebuild ...

Create a promotion of one or more buildings on your land ...

We have been working for a few years now with an interior designer, an architect and a builder of all confidence, excellent value for money, whether in traditional construction or prefabricated wood, contemporary style or not.

Do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your project together!

Below, some examples of our services

Renovation project, 50s villa, in the Lausanne area

Promotion of 2 twin villas, Mézières / VD

Promotion of a residential building, 6 apartments in La Conversion


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