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The sale of your property

Our optimal estimation of your property thanks to :

  • free estimation of your property – highlighted effective advertising - dynamic and attentive follow-up as well for the owners as for the future buyers
  • the « more » of the agency, booster the speed of the sale with our advices : home staging, relooking’s file « before-after », feng-shui, geobiology and anti-stress !

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The purchase of the property of your dreams

Our follow-up and our personalized advices for the search of the property of your dreams as well as all which touches the access to the property in Switzerland - Coaching when the deadline of acquisition delay too much…

Request of search for free with your registration in our mailing list to receive first and foremost the information on our novelties.

Mandate of search, your time is precious… then this mandate is for you ! We shall make every efforts to avoid you to waste time and so receive files and visit only the properties which can correspond to your criteria of search. On request, we shall inform you with pleasure about the details of this mandate.

Optimizing your property - Promotion on your land

You have a property to optimize, interior decoration, enlargement, refreshment, renovation or to demolish to rebuild it …
You want to create one or more buildings on your land …

See all the details under the section « you sell »

Well-being and quality of life through the health of your habitat

Our advices in the energy fields, such as feng-shui, geobiology, bioresonance and health technologies of the habitat (quality of sleep, ambient air, water ...) and outdoor facilities respectful of the environment.

For developers, "Habitat-Resource" concept

Our advices for investors who want to contribute to a better quality of life through the health of the habitat and the environment.


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